Understanding vSphere Availability and DRS

High Availability protects from down time by automating recovery in the event of a host failure. Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) ensures performance by balancing virtual machine workloads across hosts a cluster. vSphere Availability provides high availability for virtual machines by pooling the virtual machines and the hosts they reside on into a cluster. Hosts in the cluster [...]

Active Directory Sites and Subnets

Hi, its been long time blogging. I decided to write some basic Active directory stuffs today. Working in active directory environment you may feel that this topic is some frivolous but its not. Sites allow you to model your AD around your physical network. Consider you have an office in Gayathri and other in Leela [...]

Stop the Microsoft Antimalware Service

Today we faced a situation where the the Microsoft Antimalware which is configured on SCCM blocked an application to be installed on a client. I was unable to stop the service for that application to get installed. But found a round about solution for that after referring  here. The forum asks us to run psexec -s [...]

Branch Cache

Its very common for companies to have branch office connected to central office. Even though internet speed is getting better but sometimes you find the speed between branch office to main office getting slow or unreliable Branch cache works by caching files on the local network after they have been copied over WAN. If another [...]

Reliability Monitor

We have multiple tools like task manager or resource monitor which are very useful for trouble shooting but those tools don't tell us anything about how reliable the system has been. To do this you can use reliability monitor. When troubleshooting it is useful to get a history of a computer and its problems. It [...]

How do you rename your Domain?

You need to be aware of the issues it can occur when you plan to change a domain name. You can refer a Step-By-Step approach to perform the same which will talk more elaborately. This is just for reference : Steps are updated in short rendom/list Edit the file created C:\users\administrator with the new domain name [...]